As the curvature of coronavirus infections began to change, the whole company started remote operations. Numerous industries, such as retail tourism and aviation, modified their business strategies considerably to reduce the adverse effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. The following are some statistics from Apptopia (an app development information and intelligence company) that show the impact of COVID-19 on the use and download of apps in different industries. The following are some statistics.

1. Food and Drink

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the retail sector greatly, the influence is reduced by offering alternatives. Significantly increased downloads of delivery apps for American food and packaged food companies and crucial home products. Shipt, Walmart Grossstore and Instacart, with 124%, 160% and 218% rise in overall daily downloads, are three prominent examples. These are the most frequent examples. The daily downloads of Target's app have been increasing. The following statistics show that companies serving food, beverage, and other critical everyday items are growing in-app downloads.

2. Travel

As expected, the business quickly contracted within the travel industry, including hotels, online travel agencies, airlines, amongst other things, with travel prohibitions imposed by the government, and echoes the downloading and visit statistics provided by Apptopia. The app will be downloaded from February 1 through March 20 2020, worldwide and in the US. The chart indicates that, on February 1, 75,496 apps from the 10 top airlines in the USA had been downloaded for the total. On February 22, this was 86,980, where there were relatively few coronavirus cases in the US. It then declined before another spike occurred on March 13.

3. News Apps

The situation of coronaviruses around the world changes hourly. As a consequence, people all over the world are instantly curious about breaking news. In recent months, mobile news applications' daily downloads have increased dramatically, with new records created by some services. SmartNews and Newsbreak are two examples of this. February 1, SmartNews's mobile app's total downloads were 48,857. On February 5, it fell to 38,432. It continued to rise after a peak of more than 16,000 downloads recorded on March 15, when the total amount of downloads increased to 108,147.

4. Workplace Chats

Although the following statistics are China-specific, they show that mobile applications that enable chats in the workplace are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. According to Apptopia, the traffic in China for downloading work chats has significantly increased. This is mainly because the coronavirus pandemic has led to the increasing migration of staff to remote environments. The chats at the workplace allow people to work together immediately and share ideas. As shown in the graph that shows daily active users of workplace chats in China and how they grew from 1 to January 20, workplace applications' popularity is increasing worldwide.